A Brief Look into PolkaSyndicate’s Marketing Domination Plan

2 min readAug 28, 2021


In this brief article, we look at the next upcoming plans for PolkaSyndicate’s growth.

It will come as no surprise that tokens with large communities also have large marketcaps in the cryptocurrency space. This is mainly due to the correlated relation ship between community and value in the cryptocurrency market. Whenever anyone holds a token, they automatically become an internal part of that token’s community.

With this is mind, The PolkaSyndicate core team has been putting together plans to create a thriving community full of both beginner and experienced investors all with the same goal, to generate a significant ROI with cryptocurrency.

With the massive success of The Kusama Network, Polkadot’s twin canary network, we have began to see just how powerful and promising the Polkadot ecosystem will be. PolkaSyndicate members are in the perfect position to capitalize from these transformational projects.

In order to generate the largest and most engaged community in the cryptocurrency space, PolkaSyndicate will be launching two main marketing domination campaigns. The first will be a massive awareness into Polkadot and how it will benefit the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The second will be how Polkadot’s parachains work and how they will provide lucrative opportunities to early investors.

Polkadot The Game Changing Blockchain of Blockchains

PolkaSyndicate will soon reveal it’s massive campaign to bring awareness into Polkadot with marketing campaigns aimed at targeting investors who are new to cyptocurrency. This will bring in a massive amount of new investors as Polkadot, and the cryptocurrency market increase in popularity.

Polkadot Parachains The Hidden Gems of Cryptocurrency

PolkaSyndicate’s second campaign will aim to educate and bring awareness to Polkadot’s parachains and partner projects. Many of these projects will be core components of Polkadot and will provide an enormous amount value to the Polkadot ecosystem as well as offering many tokens to crowdloan participants.

This two campaigns will give early adopters in both Polkadot and PolkaSyndicate a significant advantage to profit. This will allow PolkaSyndicate to be able to attract massive attention from investors as Polkadot and it’s parachains gain in popularity.

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