Introducing PolkaSyndicate+ (PSYP)

2 min readSep 29, 2021


PolkaSyndicate welcomes it’s new token PSYP to the PolkaSyndicate universe.

The goal of PolkaSyndicate is to help produce the highest ROI possible for crypto investors. It does this through research reports on Polkadot parachain projects and by giving the community easy access to passive parachain token rewards.

However PolkaSyndicate community members will not earn Polkadot tokens.

What is PolkaSyndicate+?

Polkasyndicate+ was created to provide the missing piece to the PolkaSyndicate community, to provide research and awareness specifically on Polkadot and to provide Polkadot token rewards directly to token holders.

How Does PolkaSyndicate+ Work?

You simply buy PolkaSyndicate+ tokens and DOT token rewards are automatically sent to your wallet based on how many PSYP tokens you hold. This is accomplished with a 14% transaction tax on all buy and sell orders.

14% of all transactions are taxed as follows:

8% Reward to all PSYP Token Holders
2% Token Buyback and Burned for exponential token growth
2% Liquidity for ever rising price floor
2% Marketing for ever growing marketing fund and Polkadot research

Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000,000,000
95% Presale
2.5% Marketing
2.5% Development

How Do I Purchase PolkaSyndicate+ tokens?

You can purchase PolkaSyndicate tokens directly on the presale day on DXsale on October 2nd, 2021.

Click here to join the whitelist.

PolkaSyndicate+ Presale Details:

Launch Date: October 2nd, 2021
Exchange Listing: October 2nd, 2021
Exchange Price: $0.0000000000491
Exchange Listing Price:
Exchange: Pancake Swap
Marketcap: $46,645

For 1 BNB you will get a large number of tokens so act quickly because they will go fast!

For more information visit PolkaSyndicate+ at or join the Telegram channel here for updates.

About PolkaSyndicate

PolkaSyndicate is the first Polkadot parachain community that empowers it’s members with high quality parachain research, while letting you earn parachain rewards with ease through our unique Polkadot parachain reward system.

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