Introducing PolkaSyndicate — The first Polkadot Parachain Community with Parachain Research and Enhanced Rewards

An all in one Polkadot parachain membership community that educates investors on parachains, and helps investors earn enhanced rewards

As Polkadot begins to onboard new parachain projects, the cryptocurrency industry is finnaly close to seeing Polkadot’s full potential as a true heterogeneous scalable multichain.

Polkadot investors can earn parachain token rewards by loaning their Polkadot tokens to their favorite parachain projects through what is known as a crowdloan.

The problem is that during the crowdloan you cannot earn staking rewards on your Polkadot tokens, and your tokens are locked for the entire lease period of the crowdloan, which can be between 6 months to 24 months. This means you must be careful to choose solid projects with the potential for long term growth or you can miss out on the best projects.

PolkaSyndicate is the first Polkadot parachain community designed to create smarter Polkadot Parachain investors, streamline parachain investment rewards to it’s members, as well as increase the amount of parachain and staking rewards for all members of the syndicate.

Smarter Parachain Investors

PolkaSyndicate will empower investors with our in-house cryptocurrency research team known as The PolkaSyndicate Research Agency. This team will research parachain contenders to gain key insights into the top Polkadot Parachain contenders.

It provides this research to the community to help the syndicate make better investment and voting decisions, as the syndicate votes on which Polkadot Parachain projects to crowdloan Polkadot to.

Streamline Parachain Rewards

Parachain auctions can be confusing for the average investor. How do you choose the best project to invest? What are the exact steps to crowdloan? How does the auction work? What is your crowdloan strategy?

These questions go on and on…

PolkaSyndicate makes it easy to earn parachain rewards using the power of community and our unique reward distribution system. By simply staking 2,000 PolkaSyndicate tokens, you will automatically receive parachain rewards from the rewards pool.

The PolkaSyndicate community and PolkaSyndicate research team will hand pick and vote on the best projects ensuring the syndicate is constantly earning rewards from solid companies.

Enhanced Token Rewards

PolkaSyndicate gives it’s holders the unique ability to earn enhanced token rewards.

When crowd loaning your Polkadot tokens you cannot earn staking rewards. You will only earn parachain rewards. With PolkaSyndicate you can stake your PolkaSyndicate tokens, and earn PolkaSyndicate staking rewards and parachain token rewards at the same time.

When you stake your tokens with Polkadot your tokens are locked for the duration of the parachain lease which can be between 6 to 24 months. With PolkaSyndicate you must stake 2,000 PSYN tokens to earn parachain rewards. Your 2,000 PSYN tokens are not locked and can be removed at anytime.

However, removing your tokens from staking will decrease your PolkaSyndicate Staking Level which determines the size of your reward from the rewards pool.

In summary PolkaSyndicate creates smarter parachain investors through high quality research, streamlines the parachain earning process through our unique reward system, and gives investors enhanced token rewards. This gives investors the ability to earn staking rewards, and parachain airdrop tokens, all with no token lockup periods.

This combination works perfectly because seasoned investors in the community will gain education, and vote on the best parachain projects in real time, while inexperienced investors can participate by simply staking PSYN tokens and earning parachain rewards from the best parachain companies chosen by the community.

Together we are strong
Together we are Wealthy

We are PolkaSyndicate

About PolkaSyndicate

PolkaSyndicate is the first Polkadot parachain community that empowers it’s members with high quality parachain research, while letting you earn parachain rewards with ease through our unique Polkadot parachain reward system.

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Polkadot Community with Quality Research Reports and a Unique Passive Reward System

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Polkadot Community with Quality Research Reports and a Unique Passive Reward System

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