PolkaSyndicate Crowdloan vs Regular Crowdloan

In this article we take a brief look at the difference between loaning your PolkaSyndicate tokens to a crowdloan vs loaning to PolkaSyndicate

When it comes to Cryptocurrency investing, the biggest question is, “What is the best way to position my investment money to earn the highest return on investment?” Will it be more profitable to stake Polkadot tokens, crowdloan them, or stake PSYN tokens?

Polkadot Crowdloans

As Polkadot prepares to officially began onboarding parachain tokens, investors will be able to invest in a unique way through the Polkadot crowdloan auctions. Investors can loan their DOT tokens to Polkadot projects for the duration of the parachain slot and receive parachain tokens from the project they have loaned too as a reward. When the parachain lease period has ended, the investors will be able to redeem their Polkadot tokens.

While loaning your DOT tokens to Polkadot projects they will be locked for the duration of the lease period which can be between 6–24 months. During the lockup period you will not be able to earn any staking rewards on your DOT tokens.

PolkaSyndicate Crowdloans

With PolkaSyndicate crowdloans you will need to stake at least 2,000 PSYN tokens in order to earn parachain rewards from the PolkaSyndicate treasury. You will gain a Syndicate level based on how long you have staked your PSYN tokens. The higher your Syndicate level becomes, the more parachain rewards you will receive from the PolkaSyndicate Parachain Treasury.

PolkaSyndicate allows you to earn both PSYN staking rewards, and parachain rewards at the same time, all with NO token lock periods. This means you can withdraw your PSYN tokens at anytime.

By withdrawing your PSYN tokens you will no longer be able to earn parachain tokens and you will lose your Syndicate Membership level.

Check out our video on Youtube “Difference Between a Regular Crowdloan and PolkaSyndicate Crowdloan” to learn more.

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