The PolkaSyndicate Founders Presale

PolkaSyndicate is releasing it’s Founders Presale for all early investors

We are exciting to announce the official launch date of our first presale The PolkaSyndicate Founders sale on 6/26/21 at 15:00 UTC.

The PolkaSyndicate Founders sale will allow you to purchase PolkaSyndicate tokens at the best possible price.

During the PolkaSyndicate Founder’s sale 4,000,000 PSYN tokens will be sold for $0.12. (Exchange listing price will be $0.98)

The PolkaSyndicate Founders Sale Details:

  • A total of $480,000 will be raised from the presale

As of the time of this post the presale will be a first come first serve. If the demand grows too large we will consider adding max cap allocations in order to create the most fair environment for all participants.

We anticipate the founders sale to sell our very quickly so we encourage you to set the date and time on your calendar so you will be ready as soon as the event is opened.

Funds from the Founders Sale will be used to launch our major marketing initiative, gather the most important research and updates about parachain auctions, and build out the official PolkaSyndicate platform demo.

Follow PolkaSyndicate on Telegram or Twitter for updates on the whitelist.

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