PolkaSyndicate Prepares to Launch the The PolkaSyndicate Founder’s Sale 2

2 min readJul 10, 2021

The final round of The PolkaSyndicate Founder’s Sale is set to launch on July 13th at 15:00 UTC to July 20th, 2021.

The purpose of the Founders Sale is to offer the first PolkaSyndicate investors PSYN tokens for the lowest possible price. All tokens that are not sold will be sold to Venture Capital, large funds, and Launchpads.

On June 26th, PolkaSyndicate conducted it’s first round of The Founder Sale selling a total of 80,660 PSYN tokens. Although the first round of the Founder’s Sale was a success, the sale had a few issues:

1. The hardcap was not reached leaving a total of 719,334 PSYN tokens remaining for The Founders Sale’s second round.

2. Many participants were unable to join due to technical difficulties

3. The token price was pegged to ETH and fluctuated with Ethereum’s price

4. Our largest marketing promotion has been delayed and will happen in the third week of July.

In order to allow for a fair chance to all those who missed the first round due to these issues, the PolkaSyndicate team will be conducting a final round of The Founders Sale.

Please see the below details about PolkaSyndicate's Founder Sale 2:

  1. The Founders Sale second round will last a total of 7 days
  2. There will be a total of 719,334 PSYN tokens available for sale
  3. These tokens will not be locked
  4. The sale will be conducted on Bounce.Finance
  5. The Tokens will be purchased with USDT to prevent price fluctuations
  6. You will need a Metamask wallet to purchase tokens
  7. The tokens will be priced at $0.20

The funds from the Founders Sale will be used to build the official PolkaSyndicate platform, enhance our brand image/messaging, build our community, complete our private and public sales, and to establish the PolkaSyndicate DOT Treasury.

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